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segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

Religião da paz?


Cerimônia de autoflagelação xiita, praticada pela maioria dos islâmicos desta vertente da religião islâmica, em homenagem ao neto do profeta Maomé.


2009.06.28 Philippines Sumisip 7
Abu Sayyaf militants ambush a police vehicle and shoot seven officers to death.
2009.06.27 Sudan Hashaba 8 20 The Islamic Republic stages airstrikes on a village, killing eight residents.
2009.06.27 Philippines Tipo Tipo 2 0 Two unarmed engineers are murdered by Moro Islamist gunmen.
2009.06.27 India Rajouri 2 0 Muslim terrorists gun down a young couple.
2009.06.27 Afghanistan Kunar 2 0 Two locals are blown apart by a well-placed Islamic bomb.
2009.06.27 Afghanistan Khost 1 0 Taliban bombers kill a civilian with a car bomb.
2009.06.27 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 A civilian is murdered when Islamists plant a bomb on a motorcycle.
2009.06.27 Philippines Tacurong 0 9 Nine people at a bus terminal suffer shrapnel injuries from an Islamic bomb.
2009.06.27 Afghanistan Helmand 8 0 Religious radicals storm a police post and shoot eight local officers to death.
2009.06.26 Pakistan North Waziristan 4 24 Four Pakistanis are killed in a remote-controlled Taliban bomb attack.
2009.06.26 Pakistan Muzaffarabad 2 3 A Shahid suicide bomber takes down two local soldiers along a highway.
2009.06.26 Iraq Baghdad 19 50 Holy Warriors detonate a bomb packed with nails to maximize casualties at a crowded bazaar. Nineteen are killed.
2009.06.26 Afghanistan Khost 1 5 An English interpreter dies from shrapel injuries suffered during a roadside blast.
2009.06.25 Pakistan Buner 1 0 Religious radicals kidnap a policeman, then riddle his body with bullets.
2009.06.25 Iraq Baghdad 7 31 Islamic bombers kill seven Iraqis at a bus station.
2009.06.25 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Terrorists murder a 16-year-old boy.
2009.06.25 Somalia Shabelle 5 13 Five people are killed during an al-Shabaab attack.
2009.06.24 Pakistan Peshawar 3 0 Three local police are blasted to death when radicals shoot a rocket into their post.
2009.06.24 Afghanistan Helmand 7 4 Seven civilians die when Islamists bomb their minibus.
2009.06.24 Iraq Baghdad 69 135 At least sixty people are blown to bits when Islamists bomb a packed outdoor pet market full of women and children.
2009.06.24 Iraq Mosul 2 9 Two people are killed in separate Jihad bombings.
2009.06.24 Iraq Baghdad 1 10 A young man is killed in a sectarian bombing in a residential neighborhood.
2009.06.24 Pakistan Bajaur 1 4 Sunni militants fire a missile into a bazaar, killing one patron.
2009.06.24 Germany Schweinfurt 1 0 A 15-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her father over her Western lifestyle.
2009.06.24 Ingushetia Karabulak 1 0 Muslim rebels machine-gun a local soldier to death in a drive-by.
2009.06.23 Pakistan Khyber 1 1 Sunni hardliners open fire on a pair of village guards, killing one.
2009.06.23 Afghanistan Jowzjan 3 0 Sunni bombers take out three UN aid workers in a roadside attack.
2009.06.23 Somalia Jowhar 2 4 A mother traveling with her two young children is among those machine-gunned to death on a bus by al-Shabaab militants.
2009.06.23 Afghanistan Zabul 2 0 Two Afghan intelligence agents are murdered by Taliban terrorists.
2009.06.23 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 A Taliban leader criticizes a recent attack on civilians and is quickly gunned down.
2009.06.23 Chechnya Grozny 2 0 Islamic insurgents kill two people with a roadside blast.
2009.06.23 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A college principal is gunned down in a sectarian drive-by attack as he is walking home.
2009.06.23 Mauritania Nouakchott 1 0 An young American aid worker is murdered by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2009.06.23 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2009.06.22 Iraq Mosul 3 0 A woman shot to death in her home by Mujahideen is among three civilians killed.
2009.06.22 Thailand Narathiwat 0 8 Eight people are injured when Islamists open fire on a Buddhist temple.
2009.06.22 Ingushetia Magas 2 3 Two people are killed during a Fedayeen car bomb assassination attempt on the president of the republic, who is seriously injured.
2009.06.22 Iraq Baghdad 22 79 Twenty-two people are blown to bits in four separate Jihad bombings, including an attack on a school bus.
2009.06.22 Iraq Husseiniyah 5 19 Holy Warriors bomb a marketplace, killing five patrons.
2009.06.22 Pakistan Battagram 2 7 A Shahid suicide bomber take out two local police.
2009.06.22 Pakistan Bannu 3 1 Two women are among three killed when Islamic radicals fire a rocket into a home.
2009.06.22 Algeria Khenchela 5 1 Armed fundamentalists machine-gun five police officers at point-blank range.
2009.06.22 Philippines Maguindanao 1 4 Moro Islamists storm a village and shoot a 15-year-old Christian boy dead.
2009.06.22 Pakistan Quetta 3 0 Three Shias are gunned down in a sectarian drive-by shooting.
2009.06.21 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 The bodies of two British hostages, held two years before being murdered, are recovered.
2009.06.21 Iraq Baghdad 2 13 Two civilians are killed when Muslim terrorists bomb a cafe.
2009.06.21 Egypt El-Fashn 0 22 A Muslim mob assaults a Christian church, smashing and slashing until at least twenty-two worshippers lay injured.
2009.06.21 Afghanistan Samangan 2 0 An 18-year-old girl and her lover are stabbed over fifty times apiece by her father in an honor attack.
2009.06.21 Afghanistan Bagram 2 6 Hardline fundamentalists fire on an air field, killing at least two Americans.
2009.06.21 Iraq Baghdad 8 1 Jihadi gunmen are able to murder eight local cops in multiple attacks.
2009.06.20 Chechnya Grozny 1 0 Authorities arrest a young man for shooting his sister to death over 'immoral behavior'.
2009.06.20 Iraq Taza 80 211 Women and children are abundant among the dead and dismembered as dedicated Sunni detonate a truck bomb outside a Shia mosque, killing at least eighty.
2009.06.20 Philippines Mindanao 3 32 Muslim militants hurl a grenade into a town festival, killing three celebrants.
2009.06.20 India Anantnag 1 0 Mujahideen invade a home and slit a woman's throat.
2009.06.20 Iraq Ramadi 1 6 A child is killed when Sunni militants rocket a home.
2009.06.20 Iraq Fallujah 4 0 A female Fedayeen bomber murders four Iraqis.
2009.06.20 Iran Tehran 13 50 Islamic militias and police kill another thirteen Iranian demonstrators, including a young girl.
2009.06.19 India Srinagar 1 3 Mujahideen toss a grenade at a tourist bus, killing at least one civilian.
2009.06.19 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 1 Religious extremists enter a school and behead one student.
2009.06.19 India Krimcha 1 0 A Muslim man beheads his daughter to keep her from marrying a man of her choosing.
2009.06.19 Iraq Mosul 3 0 The coach of the national karate team is among three Iraqis gunned down by Islamic terrorists.
2009.06.18 Pakistan Mir Ali 2 0 Sunni hardliners abduct and murder two locals.
2009.06.18 Somalia Baladwayne 35 45 At least thirty-five people are murdered by a Shahid suicide bomber blast at a hotel.
2009.06.18 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 4 A child is among two civilians blown apart by a bomb planted on a motorcycle.
2009.06.18 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim separatists shoot a 29-year-old civilian to death by the side of the road.
2009.06.18 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A 22-year-old woman is strangled by her brother in front of her family on suspicion of unauthorized sex.
2009.06.18 Thailand Yala 2 0 A teen is among two young men gunned down by Mujahideen while eating at a restaurant.
2009.06.17 Afghanistan Helmand 3 0 Islamic bombers muder three Danish peacekeepers in a roadside attack.
2009.06.17 Afghanistan Khost 2 2 Two Afghan soldiers are killed in a Taliban ambush.
2009.06.17 Somalia Mogadishu 1 1 Islamists kill an African peacekeeper in an IED attack.
2009.06.17 Pakistan Mohmand 4 9 Three women are among four who die from shrapnel injuries following a mortar attack by hardliners.
2009.06.17 India Sopore 1 0 Mujahideen shoot a 50-year-old woman to death inside her home.
2009.06.17 Somalia Mogadishu 9 48 Five children are among nine civilians killed by mortar fire during an offensive by Muslim militants.
2009.06.17 Algeria El Mehir 23 5 Holy Warriors stage a brutal ambush on a group of policemen escorting a road construction crew, machine-gunning about two dozen to death.
2009.06.16 Iraq Kirkuk 2 5 A storeowner stabbed inside his shop is among two people killed in separate attacks.
2009.06.16 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 56-year-old female Buddhist teacher is gunned down by Muslim militants as she is riding to work.
2009.06.16 Somalia Galgalato 6 0 Six people are killed in an al-Shabaab attack.
2009.06.16 Thailand Pattani 2 2 Two policemen are blown up in a Mujahideen bombing.
2009.06.16 Pakistan Shahdadkot 3 0 A woman and a 3-year-old child are among three people gunned down in an honor killing over illicit sex. The killers were led by an imam.
2009.06.16 Pakistan Kurram 3 0 Three people are killed in a Religion of Peace sectarian clash.
2009.06.16 Pakistan Peshawar 1 1 Islamic terrorists kill a police officer by tossing a grenade at his vehicle.
2009.06.16 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 An Islamist sniper nails the chief of police from a rooftop.
2009.06.15 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamists behead a Buddhist laborer outside a plantation.
2009.06.15 Philippines Maguindanao 1 3 A civilian is murdered in a Moro Islamist ambush.
2009.06.15 Yemen Sanaa 9 0 Women and children are among nine foreign missionaries kidnapped and executed by Shiite fundamentalists.
2009.06.15 Iraq Baghdad 6 25 Six Iraqis are killed in various terror attacks.
2009.06.15 Pakistan Swat 2 0 The bodies of two men, kidnapped earlier by Sunni fundamentalists, are found.
2009.06.15 Iran Tehran 7 12 Basij Islamic hardliners open fire on demonstrators, killing seven.
2009.06.15 Pakistan Mardan 2 3 Taliban militants gun down two local cops.
2009.06.15 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist janitor is shot to death on his way to work by Muslim militants
2009.06.14 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 9 36 Nine people are incinerated by a Taliban bomb at a marketplace.
2009.06.14 India Srinagar 1 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen members shoot a man to death inside his home.
2009.06.14 Pakistan South Waziristan 3 2 Three people are blown to bits by Taliban bombers.
2009.06.14 Iraq Mandali 6 0 al-Qaeda militants machine-gun six Iraqis to death as they are sitting on a minibus.
2009.06.13 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two Buddhist villagers, a husband and wife, are gunned down by Mujahideen in cold blood.
2009.06.13 Thailand Yala 1 12 Dedicated Muslims throw a grenade into a bus packed with Buddhists, killing at least one.
2009.06.13 Afghanistan Farah 2 0 Religious extremists murder a woman and her husband as they are traveling to her hospital.
2009.06.13 Afghanistan Paktia 4 2 Three construcution workers and one other civilian are murdered in two Taliban attacks.
2009.06.13 Afghanistan Helmand 8 21 Eight delivery drivers are killed when a Shahid suicide bomber detonates in a convoy.
2009.06.13 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A female nursery teacher is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
2009.06.13 Pakistan Bahawalpur 0 10 Ten Christians are injured by a Muslim package bomb.
2009.06.13 Philippines Parang 6 10 Six local troops are killed in an Abu Sayyaf ambush.
2009.06.13 Ingushetia Nazran 1 0 Islamic terrorists machine-gun a former government official to death.
2009.06.13 India Poonch 2 2 Two boys are blown apart by a Mujahid landmine.
2009.06.13 Pakistan Kohat 2 6 Two people are killed by Islamic bombers.
2009.06.13 Iraq Baiji 1 7 Sunni bombers manage to kill a young girl traveling with her family.
2009.06.12 Pakistan Lahore 7 7 A moderate cleric is targeted by a suicide bomber outside his mosque. Six others also die.
2009.06.12 Thailand Yala 1 1 A Buddhist monk is shot to death by Islamists while begging for alms.
2009.06.12 Pakistan Nowshera 5 105 A Shahid suicide car bomber takes out five people at a mosque.
2009.06.12 Iraq Baghdad 6 12 A lawmaker is among six people murdered by a teenage Fedayeen.
2009.06.12 Iraq Balad Ruz 1 1 A 17-year-old girl is shot to death in her home by Sunni terrorists.
2009.06.12 Pakistan Hangu 4 6 Islamists use a homemade bomb to kill four local police.
2009.06.12 Pal. Auth. Hajah 1 0 A 15-year-old boy is hung by his family on a (false) suspicion of being an Israeli informant.
2009.06.12 Thailand Yala 2 0 A woman is among two people killed by Muslim militants in separate attacks.
2009.06.12 Philippines Kidapawan 1 2 Moro Islamists attack a local jail, killing one of the guards.
2009.06.11 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 A Buddhist man and his pregnant wife are brutally shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
2009.06.11 Iraq Hawija 3 9 Sunni radicals kill three Iraqis with a planted bomb.
2009.06.11 Pakistan Peshawar 1 14 A civilian is murdered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2009.06.11 Mali Timbuktu 1 0 An anti-terror official is assassinated in his home by al-Qaeda.
2009.06.11 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim gunmen open fire from a pickup truck, killing a civilian walking to work.
2009.06.11 Iraq Hamrin 1 2 A child is killed and two others injured by Mujahid bombers.
2009.06.11 Turkey Afyon 1 0 A 19-year-old woman is tortured and beaten to death by her suitor and his family for refusing a marriage proposal.
2009.06.10 Pal. Auth. Deir el-Balah 1 0 A girl is murdered by her father in an 'honor killing.'
2009.06.10 Ingushetia Nazran 1 5 Muslim gunman stage a daring ambush outside a kindergarten that leaves a woman dead and a baby among the injured.
2009.06.10 Thailand Pattani 1 2 A 43-year-old Buddhist man is murdered by Muslim gunmen.
2009.06.10 Iraq Bathaa 30 70 Thirty Shiites at an outdoor food market are massacred by Sunni car bombers. Children are among the dead.
2009.06.09 Afghanistan Asadabad 1 54 A child dies from shrapnel injuries when religious extremists toss a grenade into a crowd.
2009.06.09 Pakistan Peshawar 17 52 Shahid car bombers attack a hotel, killing seventeen people in the suicide blast.
2009.06.08 Pakistan Tiasar 1 0 An 11-year-old boy is shot in the head when the Taliban attack his church.
2009.06.08 Pakistan Swat 2 2 Religious extremists attack a home, kill a guard, then kidnap a man, whom they later murder.
2009.06.08 Pakistan Peshawar 1 2 Seminary students are suspected in the bombing of a police van that killed one officer.
2009.06.08 Iraq Baghdad 7 21 Seven passengers aboard a minibus are blown to Allah by a planted bomb.
2009.06.08 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two students are gunned down in separate attacks.
2009.06.08 Thailand Narathiwat 12 17 Twelve people are massacred in a surprise assault by Islamic insurgents on a local mosque.
2009.06.08 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamists gun down a rubber tapper.
2009.06.07 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Islamic militants gun down two village defense volunteers in cold blood.
2009.06.07 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 Mujahideen manage to kill a mother and son with a landmine.
2009.06.07 Somalia Mogadishu 1 1 A radio station director is shot in the head by suspected fundamentalists.
2009.06.07 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two hospital guards are kidnapped and murdered.
2009.06.07 Afghanistan Faryab 4 0 Taliban ambush a police post and murder four local officers.
2009.06.07 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 3 9 Two Shias are killed in a Sunni drive-by. A Sunni is killed in a Shia grenade attack.
2009.06.07 Algeria Kabylia 3 1 Three security personnel are killed in two bombings by fundamentalists.
2009.06.07 Somalia Mogadishu 3 5 Islamists kill three civilians with a roadside bomb.
2009.06.07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 19 A storekeeper is blasted to death by Muslim truck bombers.
2009.06.07 Pakistan Peshawar 3 5 Three people are killed when Taliban militants attack a convoy carrying prisoners.
2009.06.06 Pakistan Islamabad 2 4 Two local cops are taken down by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2009.06.06 Iraq Suwayra 9 15 A man and his wife are among nine people blown up in the name of Allah in various attacks.
2009.06.06 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 5 11 Five people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen bomber at a market.
2009.06.05 Thailand Pattani 5 0 Three civilians and two rangers are murdered in four attacks by Islamic terrorists.
2009.06.05 Dagestan Dagestan 2 0 Two government officials are machine-gunned at point-blank range.
2009.06.05 Pakistan Upper Dir 49 41 A suicide bomber manages to infiltrate a rival mosque and massacre fifty worshippers, including a dozen children.
2009.06.05 Iraq Jalawla 1 0 A local policeman is kidnapped and murdered by Muslim militants.
2009.06.05 India Pulwama 1 0 A 56-year-old man is shot to death inside his home by Mujahideen.
2009.06.05 Pakistan South Waziristan 5 4 Five security personnel are killed by Islamic fundamentalists in two IED attacks.
2009.06.04 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 Four farmers are blown to bits when Talibanis attach a bomb to their vehicle.
2009.06.03 Afghanistan Wardak 1 0 A political candidate is kidnapped by Sunni fundamentalists and murdered.
2009.06.03 Somalia Mogadishu 2 7 Two African peacekeepers are murdered by Islamic radicals.
2009.06.03 Ingushetia Nazran 1 1 Suspected Islamic militants kill a police officer and injure his wife with a car bomb.
2009.06.03 India Shopian 1 0 A teenaged girl is shot to death inside her home by Islamic terrorists.
2009.06.03 Iraq Baghdad 9 31 Nine patrons of a cafe are blown to bits by Mujahid bombers while watching a televised soccer match.
2009.06.03 Philippines Maguindanao 2 4 A woman is among two people killed in a Moro Islamist bomb blast.
2009.06.03 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 5 0 A Shahid martyr blows himself up next to a convoy, killing five Afghans.
2009.06.03 Algeria Timezrit 10 0 Two teachers are among ten people butchered at point-blank range by armed fundamentalists.
2009.06.02 Afghanistan Paktia 8 0 Eight local security guards are murdered by roadside bombers.
2009.06.02 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 2 0 Two men are murdered by sectarian Jihadis in a drive-by attack.
2009.06.02 Pakistan Chaman 2 0 A raid by suspected Islamists on a NATO depot leaves two local guards dead.
2009.06.02 Somalia Mogadishu 3 20 Three civilians are shot to death by al-Shabaab militants.
2009.06.02 Afghanistan Bagram 6 0 Two children are among six members of a family are annihilated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2009.06.02 Iran Zahedan 1 2 Sunni terrorists open fire on a passenger bus, killing one.
2009.06.02 Thailand Narathiwat 2 3 Two Buddhist women are brutally murdered by Muslims while riding to work in a pickup truck.
2009.06.02 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A man is shot to death by Islamists while sitting in a tea shop.
2009.06.02 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A Buddhist scrap dealer is cut down by Mujahid gunmen.
2009.06.01 Iraq Baghdad 4 15 Four innocents are blown apart by bombing at a marketplace.
2009.06.01 Pakistan Kohat 4 13 Four people are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers at a bus stand.
2009.06.01 Somalia Mogadishu 7 20 Holy warriors take down seven Somalis in two attacks.
2009.06.01 USA Little Rock, AR 1 1 A Muslim with 'religious motives' guns down a local soldier in a drive-by attack.
2009.06.01 Iraq Mosul 1 12 A child is murdered when Sunni insurgents throw a grenade into the street.
2009.06.01 Mali Anderamboukane 1 0 A British man attending an African music festival is kidnapped and beheaded by al-Qaeda.
2009.06.01 Iran Zahedan 5 0 Five people are killed in an arson attack aimed at stirring up sectarian tensions.

Fonte: The Religion of Peace

: O extremismo islâmico avança, há muito tempo, sob os olhares inertes e escusos das organizações internacionais e das democracias ocidentais, bem como da maioria das "repúblicas" islâmicas que se dizem contrárias ao terrorismo fundamentalista. A Igreja cristã sofre horrores por trás das linhas de fronteiras de vários destes países, cujas cicatrizes oriundas do fundamentalismo islâmica, aumentam. A própria população, aparentemente devota cega do Corão, clama por mudanças, por mais abertura e tolerância quanto às minorias religiosas. Enquanto isto, de maneira leviana e atormentadora, algumas "repúblicas" islâmicas (como é o caso da proponente à União Europeia, a Turquia), criam programas fictícios de tv, nos quais cristãos e ocidentais de um modo geral são apresentados como os reais terroristas, contrários ao Islã e fomentadore do terrorismo no mundo (é o caso do popular programa turco "O Vale dos Lobos", uma infame mentira alienatória islâmica). Enquanto isso, trucidades continuam acontecendo na maior parte do mundo islâmico... Ahmadinejad, o "boneco" teste de ferro do Aiatolá Khamenei, falou recentemente em esforços para a erradicação completa do Cristianismo no Irã. A missão cristã Portas Abertas alerta em seu site quanto ao desejo de juristas egípicios em impor o Islamismo a todos os adolescentes do Egito. Ondas de ataques e assassinatos continam a acontecer nas Filipinas, na Indonésia, na Somália, no Sudão e em vários países islâmicos.

Nesse ínterim, como se não bastasse todo o sofrimento imputado aos cristãos que morrem como ovelhas em um gigantesco matadouro, grupos extremistas islâmicos se insurgem contra autoridades, matam, sequestram estupram, mutilam...

Quantos grupos terroristas cristãos você conhece, prezado leitor?

Esta é a autoproclamada "religião da paz"? Não, não é. É a religião do medo, do ódio, da perseguição e da conivência e incentivo ao extremismo.

Oremos pelos milhões e milhões, cristãos e muçulmanos, que sofrem dentro das fronteiras do fanatismo islâmico.

Em Cristo Jesus,
Pr. Artur Eduardo

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